SNPTC-WEC Launches International Quality Audit Services

2013-07-12 Resource: SNPTC-WEC   Author: Liu Baozhu  1133
Recently, SNPTC-WEC Nuclear Power Technical Services (Beijing) Co,. LTD. (SNPTC-WEC for short) signed the Quality Audit Service Agreement with Yantai Taihai Manoir Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd.
According to SNPTC-WEC, the quality audit process consists of three phases. During the first phase, SNPTC-WEC makes systematic evaluation and analysis on the equipment supplier’s existing quality system through all-round inspection; During the 2nd phase, SNPTC-WEC provides consultation services about the quality guarantee according to the supplier’s needs; During the 3rd phase, SNPTC-WEC makes regular inspection on the supplier to guarantee the quality.
SNPTC-WEC provides necessary support for the homemade equipment (materials) supplier to enter international market through the international standard quality audit services.
Jointly established by SNPTC and Westinghouse Electric, SNPTC-WEC aims to provide excellent certification service for AP/CAP nuclear power equipment and materials suppliers, and procurement and supply chain services. At present, the company has signed technical services agreement with Harbin Electric Corporation (Qinhuangdao) Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd.